International Students

Brookes Cambridge warmly welcomes international students aged between 11 and 18 years old where we encourage an inclusive, intercultural environment and personalised learning is key.

Our Campus (Illustration) showing the new boarding facility opening Spring 2017

We offer IGCSEs and aspire to the International Baccalaureate Diploma in the Sixth Form. Our students live, study and learn alongside British students and receive support and guidance throughout their time with us.

Our international pupils have full access to all additional activities taking place on campus and beyond. Alongside their British peers, they have the chance to take an active part in all sporting, musical, artistic and outdoor co- and extra-curricular opportunities. A hint of life at Brookes Cambridge can be found in our Facebook page (right) and also celebrates the community that we call the “Brookes Family”, including students, staff, parents and grandparents.

Some students may be British and living overseas, others will represent a wide range of nationalities. For a small percentage, English is a second or additional language but all students must arrive with a strong level of fluency in both the written and spoken word.


All associated fees for international students are listed below.

Core fees
Application Fee (which will include costs of Tier 4 Certificate of Acceptance for Study)£175
Deposit (refundable)£1,500
Capital Development Fee (a one time payment on admission)£1,250
Boarding and tuition£10,500 per term (£31,500 per annum)
Additional fees
English as an Additional Language (EAL)
£1,250 to £2,500 per term depending on need
Specialized Learning Support (if required)
£1,250 to £2,500 per term depending on need
Individual Mother Tongue Language instruction (optional)
£850 per term
External Examination fees (when required)
Transport fees:
London Airports
£175 Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton one way transfers
£80 Stansted Airport one way transfers
Student expense account (recommended to cover local trips/incidentals)£500 - £1,000 per term.


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