Our Pioneering Approach

We’re a pioneering school that places the child at the heart of all we do. Through our unique ethos, which starts in our Montessori-accredited nursery, we inspire a love of learning through creativity and imagination. The combination of small class sizes and innovative teachers provides the catalyst for students to flourish and unlock their natural talents.

During lessons we not only use imaginative activities to spark children’s inspiration but also explore links between different disciplines to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter. We develop and enhance these connections through bespoke learning programmes that break down the artificial barriers that can exist between individual subjects.

“From my experiences in teaching in the UK and around the world I have learned that the most successful schools are ones that create the conditions where children will flourish and give their best. Every child is a unique individual and it is our responsibility to give them a wide range of opportunities and experiences so they can find their own successful path in life.”

Head of School Carole Beedham

Each programme is multidimensional; not only do we use a kaleidoscope of subjects to bring learning to life, we venture beyond the classroom, be it excursions, performances, leading assemblies or meeting keynote speakers.

Internationalism is also part of our DNA and informs all subjects across our curriculum. It’s a principle that provides children with a broader understanding of today’s world. We nurture this global awareness not only through our teaching but also our family of schools that span the continents.