Early Years

Early Years

The Independent Schools Inspectorate “Outstanding” rated Children’s House is a purpose-built space designed to meet your child’s needs, where freedom and decision making is actively encouraged through a myriad activities, watched over by trained, dedicated staff.

The Montessori philosophy underpins everything we do here at Brookes. We place a strong emphasis on the ‘favourable environment’ which facilitates your child’s development and supports them as active learners. We respect your child’s inner motivation to develop their own interests by ensuring that the environment has something to engage them. We encourage them to be responsible for their own choices, by teaching them that, with freedom comes accountability.

Children develop their independence in thought and action, which will become embedded in their whole lives. Woven together with the Montessori philosophy, we plan a wide variety of half termly topics based on seasonal themes which link strongly to different cultures around the world, including cooking food, learning dances, dressing up in traditional costumes and learning about the lives of the people who live there. Throughout these topics we study both fiction and non-fiction books, which offer many opportunities for drama and role play. We also link an artist to each of our topics.

We offer a wide array of activities throughout the course of the week including Forest School, French, music, P.E. and swimming, alongside activities which take place in the classroom. Pre-care for Early Years children starts at 8:00, at 8:45 the children are officially registered and then the Montessori ‘work cycle’ begins. The children are encouraged to take part in short carpet sessions where books are read and discussed or acted out and counting songs, rhymes and Maths activities are presented. 

The children are then free to choose from the shelves any activity they have been presented, the practitioners work individually with the children, either on planned activities to support their learning or following the child’s natural path to develop their understanding further in a certain area. At 11:45 the work cycle ends and the children have lunch, followed by playtime outside on the field or on the playground with bikes and scooters. In the afternoon the children take part in all the extra activities we have on offer. The school day officially ends at 4:00 whereupon those not going home can stay in aftercare until 5:30.