Reception Class (4 years +)

Full time education at Brookes Cambridge begins in our Reception Class, housed in the purpose built Children’s House and flanked by its own gardens and the sprawling countryside.

“To be able to witness the spark of delight and self-belief on a child’s face, when through independent repetition and exploration of materials they have been able to complete a task they didn’t believe possible – that look is priceless!”
Children’s House Teacher

The Reception Class curriculum has been designed to build on the knowledge and skills the children have learnt in Nursery. Their activities continue to be based around the Montessori ethos yet blend into the Early Years Foundation Stage structure, including the cornerstones of reading, writing and mathematics. This approach to literacy and language includes the teaching of phonics, which is so vital for your child’s development together with weekly library visits and dedicated individual daily reading sessions. With the support of daily home reading and creative reading and writing opportunities, your child’s language and literacy skills can be greatly enhanced.

During the course of the year, a wide range of mathematical topics are covered including early place value, time, symmetry, simple fractions and comparative language. We do this through a mixture of independent exploratory learning as well as teacher led instruction.

The children also take part in frequent sporting activities, which include swimming, gymnastics, dance and ball skills, all of which are designed to refine their gross motor skills, co-ordination and spatial awareness.

Music is taught as a specialist subject through singing, drumming, rhythmic games and action songs.

The benefits of being part of The Children’s House include improved social skills and understanding alongside an enriched and varied curriculum, making your child’s experience both fulfilling and stimulating.

For more details, please contact the school through or ring 01284 760531.