Lower School (Year 1 – Year 6)

The Lower School comprises of Years 1-6. Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum skills as a guideline but is unique to our school as we have designed an approach which allows children to make links between subjects. We see the Montessori ethos embroider into the National Curriculum to provide a nuanced, engaging and challenging curriculum that encourages interest and, above all, excitement in learning. This gives our children a more holistic approach to their learning and development. We follow the needs of each individual child, building on their natural inquisitiveness and desire to learn. Children work in groups, pairs, individually or as a whole class depending on the area of learning.

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2): The majority of subjects are taught by the class teacher with sport, French and music taught by specialist teachers.

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6): The form teacher teaches English, maths, humanities and PSHE with art, sport, French, science, computer science and music taught by specialist teachers.

“There is a vibrancy in our lessons which I invite you to come and see and experience for yourselves; our unique curriculum in this extraordinary school.”
Head of School Carole Beedham

The joy of learning.

We provide students with the tools that give them confidence and  a mindset to take on new challenges. We encourage them to be open-minded, aware of cultural differences, and innovative about how they approach world issues. It is our mission to awaken the potential in every student. Internationalism is part of our DNA and informs all subjects across our curriculum. It’s a principle that provides children with a broader understanding of today’s world.

This global awareness is nurtured not only through our teaching but also our family of schools that span the continents.

Unique to our school is the creative environment that we prove, that ignites their imagination, builds character and broadens horizons. Through this approach, we can prepare them to be the global citizens of the future.

We invite you to join our family and let your children realise their undoubted promise and prepare them for life-long success.

Our Approach

During Years 1 and 2, we follow the national curriculum and bring the subjects to life through focussed topics. Be it Great Fire of London, Leonardo Da Vinci or Florence Nightingale, we devise themes to encourage interest and excitement in learning. In short, the curriculum follows the child. Such creativity is a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Our approach is Montessori in ethos. Our aim is to make learning as enjoyable as possible, to be interested in what they are doing and wanting to do it for themselves. Self motivation and development of character are intrinsic values.

For Year 3, we work to the lower Key Stage 2 curriculum yet continue to enhance the learning experience of the child. We bring the subjects to life through drama, art and other activities that unshackle the child from the text book and into the wider environment.

We also adopt a learning cycle, we return to topics during the academic year yet look to go further and deeper into the subject at hand. The approach helps not only reinforce knowledge but also provides the opportunity to extend.

During Year 4, 5, & 6, we follow Key Stage 2 across the above year groups however our approach to learning remains true to our ethos of placing the child before the curriculum.

As with the preceding Year groups, we use topics to bring subjects to life. Be it the Tudors where children visited Hampton Court, hosting a debate about rainforests or Viking history and legacy, we learn and then put our knowledge to practical use.