Computers play an important role in children’s lives, both inside and beyond the classroom. To this end, we have adopted an open approach to using technology in a highly progressive manner.

Computer science involves several strands of learning; learning about electronic information and communication equipment and the ways to use it, understanding and handling relevant software in order to present and use data, to draft and redraft written work, to use graphics and to begin to control simple devices.

In addition to these strands, our children are taught the basics of how computers work and are networked, and the principles underlying computer language.

Beginning with simple apps they progress to use several block based languages like Scratch and Hopscotch, and will progress to use syntax based language like Logo and Python.

We are committed to enabling our learners to be safe using the internet and to understand the dangers imposed by an ever changing online environment.

In addition to our new ICT suite, we use IPads in the classroom to embed IT skills into the curriculum, and to use engaging technologies such as animation and green screen software.