Science has become central to our lives and will become increasingly important as our children become adults. An understanding of Science will be vital to enable the evaluation of information and informed decision making about their health, their environment and the impact of technology.

“I take pains to give the children as much “hands on” experience as possible, to make them confident to use equipment as they progress beyond primary level, to encourage open discussion and questioning about any aspect of science, and, above all, to make science fun.”
Dr Pilsworth
Science Teacher

We believe that Science enhances children’s development by exploiting their natural curiosity about themselves and about the world around them, and offers the opportunity for enquiry by different means – research, observation and discussion as well as by direct experimentation.

Our approach also encourages critical thinking, an understanding of the evolution of scientific principles, and should foster the concept that even well-established ideas are able to be overturned in the light of new evidence.

Importantly, we promote positive attitudes to, and enthusiasm for, Science as a subject, and to build confidence in children as Scientists, by making Science both real and meaningful.